Environmental Encounters In Western Australia is a business that has been conducting more and more expeditions throughout Western Australia. Tom & Sylvia Grove provide all-inclusive trips and adventures to wilderness areas throughout the state.

Tom & Sylvia Grove also own and operate Coates Wildlife Tours – the first company in Western Australia to provide an extensive selection of in-depth natural history tours across our state and beyond.


Outdoor Education Programmes for Schools

Education through enriching experiences is the fundamental aim of EEA’s school outdoor education programmes. We have over twenty years experience in developing and conducting outdoors programmes for young people – a background which has continually reinforced to us the most basic element in outdoor education, it must be FUN for the participants. We also have an exceptional safety record.

EEA Team has Extensive Knowledge of Local Conditions

The EEA team has detailed knowledge of local conditions in the areas visited and has extensive knowledge of the local environment, current land management issues, pioneer and Aboriginal pre-history.


Natural, Cultural & Historical Interpretation

Our team explore the geology, marine biology, Aboriginal history and culture and flora & fauna to match the focus of each programme. Participants also gain a thorough understanding of unique ecological systems and their diverse populations as well as current land management issues.

Over 20 Qualified, Accredited Instructors & Facilitators

EEA has over twenty qualified and accredited instructors and facilitators who are employed according to the skills required for particular programmes. We have a particular commitment to continuous professional development and ensure all staff continually upgrade and revise their skills. Staff are selected largely for their communication skills, empathy with clients and personal commitment to facilitate a SAFE and ENJOYABLE experience.

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A Respected Dentist in Chatswood

A Respected Dentist in Chatswood

If a mother is looking for a dentist Chatswood can depend on, she doesn’t have to worry too much. The prominent district is home to several dentists who concentrate on family care. Many Chatswood dental clinics focus on general dentistry, as well. General dentistry can also be appropriate for people who are looking for dental care for their family members. 

Locating a dentist Chatswood : can trust is generally easy thanks to the wealth of options in the area. If a businessman who works in the area is looking for a dental practice near his office that provides cosmetic dentistry procedures, he should be able to find many suitable choices. Many dental practices in Chatswood offer cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry services. 

If a young student needs to find an inexpensive dentist Chatswood can rely on, she doesn’t have to fret. Many dental clinics in the district promote their affordable and reasonably priced services. If a person is in Chatswood and needs to get a simple filling, he doesn’t have to opt for a practice that’s pricey or out of reach, cost-wise. Affordable dental care is extremely common in Chatswood.

When an individual looks for a dentist in Chatswood, he can start with the internet. The majority of the district’s dental practices have detailed web presences, if not all of them. Websites for dental clinics generally indicate all of their available procedures, making it easy for people to know if they wish to set up an appointment for treatment in the future.

As far as finding an honest and efficient dentist in Chatswood goes, talking to people in the area can also help significantly. If a person meets three people who all recommend the same exact practice, it could be enough to encourage him to give the clinic a phone call and make an appointment.


Choosing a Dentist Sydney

Choosing a Dentist Sydney

If you are in search of a good dentist, Sydney has some of the best dentists you can ever find. Choosing a dentist is like shopping. You need to get a professional who understands your healthcare needs and who can be able to commit to your oral health whenever the need arises. Whether you just want a dentist for the normal regular dental checkup or a cosmetic procedure, choosing the best dentist Sydney is crucial. This is because dental procedures have a lasting effect on you and your smile.

Choosing Your Dentist

Sydney is a city with many good dentists Sydney from No Gaps Dental. However, when you choose yours, ensure that you do more than just get recommendations from friends. You need to ask your dentist in Sydney whether he has the prerequisite qualifications to hold a dentist business in Australia. Make sure that he has the right certification before trusting them with your smile.

Services to Expect

A dentist provides a wide range of services. The best dentist in Sydney is one who offers the kind of services you need. He or she should be able to perform basic dental procedures such as tooth extraction and fixing your braces. The dentist should also be able to perform dental surgery and related procedures. Whether you need teeth whitening or implants, you should be able to get attended to by the dentist you pick.

Cosmetic Dental Procedure 

Nowadays, people look for dentists who can fix their smile. If you want a dentist Sydney, who can make your smile better, look for one who has experience in performing such surgeries. If you do not know where to begin your search, you can get recommendations but make sure that you get to see where the dentist works before you hire their services. When you visit them, take note of their facilities and equipment.

For the best dentist in Sydney, these useful tips can assist you during your search.

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